May 30, 2017 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: WIC Invoices
SUBJECT 2: FFY 2018 WIC Local Agency Plan (LAP) Training
SUBJECT 3: WIC Stories Needed
SUBJECT 4: MOWINS Release 2.29 - Change in Date
SUBJECT 5: Health and Nutrition Assessment Handbook (HNAH) - Biochemical Section Updated
SUBJECT 6: General Guidelines for Direct Shipment and Approval of Formula

JOB POSTING: Part-Time WIC Clerk - Jefferson-Franklin Community Action Corp.
JOB POSTING: WIC Nutritionist/Health Educator - St. Francois County

SUBJECT 1: WIC Invoices. WIC invoices for May 2017 (submitted for payment in the month of June), along with prior months, must be submitted through the Online WIC Invoicing System by close of business Thursday, June 8, 2017. Invoices submitted after that date will be held and paid in July 2017. This change in schedule complies with the close of the State Fiscal Year 2017 payment processing deadlines. If you have questions, please contact Laura Thompson at or 573-526-7901.

SUBJECT 2: FFY 2018 WIC Local Agency Plan (LAP) Training. LAP training will be conducted June 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2017 at the Department of Health ITSD Training Room, located at 920 Wildwood Dr., Jefferson City. This one-day training is optional, but is strongly recommended for new LAP users and those who would like a refresher. Click here for more information and to register for the training. The deadline to register is May 31, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Hatton at or 573-526-7706.

SUBJECT 3: WIC Stories Needed. The Missouri WIC program has been engaging in marketing and communications work to tell the story of why WIC is important to Missouri families. We know that many families either don’t realize they qualify for WIC or don’t understand its benefits. We also know that many of our WIC participants’ lives have been changed for the better because of their participation in WIC. We would like some of our communications materials this year to be more personable and relatable by highlighting stories of Missouri families supported by WIC. All identities would be anonymous. People who have experienced poverty and poor nutrition and have participated in WIC are the true experts on how WIC works, so please help us highlight as many different stories as possible. Please submit stories by June 16, 2017 to D’Anne Ward at; however, we will continue to accept stories beyond this date. You may call D’Anne at 573-526-0209 with questions.

SUBJECT 4: MOWINS Release 2.29 - Change in Date. MOWINS Release 2.29 will now be pushed out on September 1. This release contains fixes for Windows 10 that need to be installed sooner than the original October 1st planned release date.

Installation on the agency workstations can begin any time after 10:00 am on Friday, September 1st. Agencies that are having clinic on Friday will need to log into MOWINS, allow the download, log back in when prompted, close the clinic window, do the reset/update, and then log out of MOWINS. You may then log back in and resume MOWINS operations. An email will be sent to agencies when the download can be completed. Only agencies that have Friday clinics are asked to download Friday morning.

The following Monday, September 4th, is Labor Day. Agencies with Tuesday clinics may choose to download on Friday afternoon or later.

We are requesting agencies that do not have clinics on Tuesday to wait until at least Tuesday afternoon, or later in the week, to login/download. If you have machines that are not being used, they do not need to be updated on Tuesday, September 5. Please wait to update them until later in the week. We request that all laptops and computers be updated by September 15th.

Before doing a reset/update, close the clinic application window. The W must still be open in the lower icon tray. When the clinic window is open, it locks the data files on the workstation which doesn’t always allow the necessary updates to occur.

Should you need any assistance, please contact the MOWINS Help Desk at 800-554-2544.

SUBJECT 5: Health and Nutrition Assessment Handbook (HNAH) - Biochemical Section Updated. The Biochemical section located in the Health and Nutrition Assessment Handbook (HNAH) has been updated on the website. This section provides guidance on biochemical and other medical risk criteria used during the certification process to establish eligibility for participation in the program, and as a basis for either preventive or curative nutrition or health interventions. If you have questions, contact D’Anne Ward at or 573-526-0209.

SUBJECT 6: General Guidelines for Direct Shipment and Approval of Formula.
Formula Approval or Direct Shipment of Formula:
When the Local Agency (LA) CPA or nutritionist is required to call the State Agency for a formula approval or direct shipment, please call 800-392-8209. Refer to the Food and Formula Reference Guide (FFRG) for more information. The LA CPA or nutritionist will then be directed to the state nutritionist assigned to formula approvals for that day. Do not leave a voicemail message or send an email to the state nutritionist who previously approved the formula or direct shipment, or your TA nutritionist, as she/he may be out of the office or unavailable, which would result in a delay in getting the formula. It is recommended that LAs call the State Agency before 4:00 p.m. for formula request and direct shipment calls. All formula and direct shipment calls received after 4:00 p.m. will be handled on the following business day; an exception would be calls regarding Human Milk Fortifiers (HMF). As a reminder, arrangements need to be made early, because formula takes at least one week to be delivered to the LA from the manufacturer.

Formula Approval When the LA Nutritionist is not Available:
This serves as a reminder of LA options for handling a formula approval when the LA nutritionist is not available. It is the LA’s responsibility to have a plan in place for handling formula approvals (WIC 27) that come into the LA on a day when the nutritionist is not available.

  • Most formulas can be approved by the LA CPA.
  • When the formula requires approval by the LA nutritionist, LAs are encouraged to work together to provide services. The LA may need to establish an agreement to refer formula approvals to another LA when the LA nutritionist is not available. Discuss this arrangement with another LA and sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” (sample attached).
  • The clerk, HPA, or WIC certifier should not call the State Agency for a formula approval or direct shipment except in special circumstances. This is the responsibility of the LA CPA or nutritionist.

If you have any questions, please contact your district nutritionist.

WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: Part-Time WIC Clerk - Jefferson-Franklin Community Action Corp. (JFCAC). The Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corp (JFCAC) is accepting applications for a part-time WIC Clerk. The WIC Clerk assists in clerical or administrative duties according to the state WIC program policies and procedures. Responsibilities include:

  • Perform intake and check demographic information, identifications, and proof of residence for members of households applying to WIC program.
  • Assess eligibility of women, infants, and children for the WIC program by determining household income.
  • Discuss risk and eligibility factors for WIC with applicants/participants.
  • Explain the program, food packages, and use of WIC to participants.
  • Print WIC checks for participant use.

To apply visit our website

JOB POSTING: WIC Nutritionist/Health Educator - St. Francois County. The St Francois County Health Center in Park Hills, MO, is looking to fill a full-time WIC Nutritionist/Health Educator position with benefits. This position will require a minimum qualification of Bachelor's degree in Public Health Nutrition, Dietetics, Food, Home Economics, or closely related field from an accredited college or university, with a minimum of 15 earned credit hours in Food and Nutrition, including at least one course in diet therapy and one course in community nutrition, or completion of an undergraduate curriculum in Nutrition or Dietetics in a program accredited or approved by the American Dietetic Association. Public Health experience preferred, but not required. A minimum of 1 year professional experience as a dietitian or nutritionist required. The ideal candidate must be dependable and self-motivated.

Please submit resumes to Jessica McKnight, Assistant Director at
For more information call 573-431-1947 ext. 125. Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled. Equal Opportunity Employer.