February 6, 2017 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Duplicate Checks


SUBJECT 1: Duplicate Checks. Local agencies have reported that a duplicate set of benefit checks sometimes prints for participants. These duplicate checks have the same food prescription and check numbers, but only appear once in the Benefits History of MOWINS. We are researching the cause(s) of these duplicate checks, and are requesting that LAs assist us by using the following procedure beginning this weekthrough April, 2017:

When a duplicate set of checks prints for a participant, write “DUPLICATE” on the extra set of checks, along with the WIC number of the printer that printed the checks, and the name of the staff person who printed it. Please send to the address below within two weeks of the occurrence:

Bureau of WIC and Nutrition Services
930 Wildwood Dr., PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570

If you have questions, please contact the MOWINS Help Desk at 800-554-2544 or WICHelpDesk@health.mo.gov