December 27, 2016 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: January 22 MOWINS Release 2.27.01 - Important Information

JOB POSTING: Full-Time WIC Clerk/Health Professional Assistant - Family Care Health Centers


SUBJECT 1: January 22 MOWINS Release 2.27.01 - Important Information. A Save-the-Date for the January MOWINS release was sent out on the December 5, 2016 WIC Updates; this WIC Update contains more detailed information about the content of the release. Release 2.27.01 will be put into production on January 22, 2017. Agencies have the option to download the release between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, January 22. The MOWINS Help Desk will only be available between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Sunday to assist if needed. To contact the MOWINS Help Desk on Sunday, call Jamie Bish at 573-291-3897. Agencies with Monday clinics that did not download the release on Sunday can do so on Monday morning. We are requesting agencies that do not have clinics on Monday to wait until at least Monday afternoon to download the release.

Please complete the short survey at especially if you will download the release on Sunday, so Help Desk staff will be aware and be prepared to assist.

If you have computers that are not regularly used, they do not need to be updated on Monday, January 23. Please wait to update them later during the week. All computers must be updated by February 3 to ensure the download is successfully installed.

When downloading the release, remember to Reset Local Reference Data and Update Local Reference Data and then log off of MOWINS. Before doing Reset Local Reference Data, close the clinic application window. The W must still be open in the lower icon tray. When the clinic window is open, it locks the data files on the workstation and doesn’t always allow the necessary updates to occur.
Below are the changes that are included in the 2.27.01 MOWINS Release.

Release 2.27 corrects the following issues concerning risk factors:

  1. 2.27 corrects the CPA-assigned risk factors from a breastfeeding certification from being carried over to a new prenatal certification when the “Currently Breastfeeding Infant” check box is checked on the Pregnancy Information screen and the Breastfeeding Amount is "Partially Breastfeeding" or "Fully Breastfeeding."
  1. Risks will no longer be auto-deleted when "Infant(s) Born From This Pregnancy" button is selected.

RESIDENCY PROOF: MOWINS will have new options to select for Residency Proof. The options listed below were added to match policy ER# 3.01800. A significant change is that 3rd Party Verifier has been removed, thereby eliminating the need for entering general notes. As a reminder, what was previously selected for that participant will remain and should be updated to the appropriate option when a certification, recertification, or VOC is entered (if 3rd Party Verifier was selected previously, monitoring staff will still be looking for a general note). MOWINS will also allow for staff to do a quick select by typing the first letter of the option being selected. (Example - Participant has their Pay Stub, if you type ‘P’ this option will appear.) See drop-down list example below:

drop down example

ZERO INCOME: A change will be made to the Proof of Income drop down menu. The MOWINS Help Desk has had several calls regarding not being able to enter zero income for participants. In order for MOWINS to allow zero income, the option for Self Declare must read Self Declaration. Self Declaration will be used when the participant is adjunctively eligible and therefore does not need to show proof of income. Affidavit will also be added to the drop down menu. Affidavit should be selected when the participant is not adjunctively eligible and has zero income. All staff are advised to read policy ER# 3.02000 for more information in regards to when to enter zero income.

PHYSICALLY PRESENT/REASON NOT PRESENT: The MOWINS drop-down list options will be changed to better reflect USDA guidelines. The list has been reduced to the following:

drop-down example

Please note: The Next MOWINS release will be on Saturday, July 1, 2017. This release will have MOWINS enhancements and bug fixes. Please do not schedule WIC clinics on July 1, 2017.

If you have MOWINS system questions, please contact the MOWINS Help Desk at 800-554-2544 or
If you have policy-related questions, contact your technical assistance (TA) staff.

SUBJECT 2: CEU Corner.
What’s New in the World of Carbohydrates
This recorded webinar, presented by Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, provides an overview of the science behind the carbohydrate recommendations of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It discusses the latest evidence relating to appropriate carbohydrate consumption, together with practical strategies for counseling patients regarding the inclusion of healthful carbohydrates in their diets. This continuing education presentation is sponsored by Barilla and Today’s Dietitian.

Making it Work: Improving Worksite Support for Breastfeeding Mothers
Women are more likely to continue breastfeeding when their employer has supportive policies and practices in place, but research shows that many employers are unsure of the basic requirements and laws to enable them to support their working moms. In order to help improve worksite support for breastfeeding mothers, this live webinar will feature nationally-recognized speaker, Cathy Carothers, who will discuss strategies for assisting worksites to be more breastfeeding friendly. Cathy will provide an overview of the rationale for supporting breastfeeding mothers in the workplace; discuss the New York State and federal laws and regulations related to breastfeeding in the workplace; and review the national model program, The Business Case for Breastfeeding, and other national and state resources on January 12th from 11:00 am-12:30 pm. It is sponsored by the School of Public Health at the University at Albany and the Center for Public Health Continuing Education.

WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: Full-Time WIC Clerk/Health Professional Assistant - Family Care Health Centers. Family Care Health Centers is accepting applications for a full time WIC Clerk / Health Professional Assistant (HPA). Responsibilities include determining eligibility of WIC applicants, collecting and documenting height, weight, hgb data, and providing clerical support. Strong customer service skills required. Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED; 1+ years WIC experience preferred.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to:
Amy Callico, RD, LD
Nutrition Services Coordinator
Family Care Health Centers
401 Holly Hills Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63111
(314) 353-5190 x3043