November 17, 2014 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Thanksgiving Holiday
SUBJECT 2: WOM Policy Update
SUBJECT 3: Food Instrument Cereal Amounts for Participants
SUBJECT 4: New Southeast District Nutritionist
SUBJECT 5: Update
SUBJECT 6: Update on Immunization Training
SUBJECT 7: AAP Pediatric - Pediatric Nutrition Handbook 7th Edition
SUBJECT 8: FFY 2014 End-of-Year Invoicing Due December 10, 2014

JOB POSTING: WIC Certifier - Cass County

SUBJECT 1: Thanksgiving Holiday. The State WIC Office will be closed and there will be no WIC Help Desk coverage on Thanksgiving, November 27 and the day after, November 28, 2014.

If you have questions, please contact Mark Davis at or 573-526-5323 or 800-392-8209

SUBJECT 2: WOM Policy Update. Mountain Plains Regional Office (MPRO) has approved the following policies, which will be effective (and posted on WOM) on November 17, 2014:

  • ER # 2.0700 Guidelines for Issuance of Formulas, WIC-Eligible Nutritionals, and Other Supplemental Foods under Food Package III
  • ER # 2.07400 Return and Replacement of Standard Formula, Exempt Formula or WIC Eligible Nutritionals
  • ER # 2.07900 Guidelines for Issuance Food Packages V, VI and VII to Women

If you have questions about these policies, please contact your District TA Team.

ER # 1.03250 WIC Local Agency Contract and Attachments. Changes to this policy reflect the current method of funding local agencies, including procedures for increasing the contracted amount.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Betty Cassidy at or 800-392-8209. (FOUR ATTACHMENTS)

SUBJECT 3: Food Instrument Cereal Amounts for Participants. In auditing checks issued to participants, it was found that cereals are being issued in odd amounts, e.g., 23 ounces, 19 ounces. This makes it difficult for the participant to find an appropriate size box of cereal.

Beginning December 1, 2014, the amount of ounces of cereal that can be issued to women and children will be set at 36 ounces for Food Packages IV through VII and 54 ounces for fully breastfeeding multiples. Please let your participants know that they can always take less than the total amount stated on their checks. If you have questions, please contact your TA nutritionist

SUBJECT 4: New Southeast District Nutritionist. Please welcome Ally Palani, RD LD to the Southeast District Office in Poplar Bluff. Ally’s first day with the State WIC was November 12th. She’ll be available in the district office on November 17, 2014, and will be reachable by phone at 573.840.9404 or by email at Ally will draw on her experience as nutritionist in the Howell and Cole County WIC programs in her new state role. She is nearing completion of a Master of Arts Degree in Human Environmental Science with an emphasis in Nutrition from Southeast Missouri State University. We are happy to have Ally fill the vacant position in the Southeast District.

SUBJECT 5: Update. As of November 1, 2014, will no longer be supported for use in Internet Explorer 6 or 7. Because these browsers have become obsolete and deprecated, it takes significant additional time and resources to continue to support them. Fortunately, in the last year, only .01% of all users completed a lesson on through either of these browsers. The number of users affected by this change should be extremely small, if any. Users will be encouraged to update their browser version if they do have any issues. will continue to support IE8 and later, as well as the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. If you have further questions please contact

SUBJECT 6: Update on Immunization Training. The required annual training on Immunizations has been revised and is now available on the training Local WIC Provider website. Completion of this training should be documented in the employee training record within 60 days of hire and annually thereafter. If you have any questions, please contact your district TA Administrative staff

SUBJECT 7: AAP Pediatric - Pediatric Nutrition Handbook 7th Edition. The State WIC Office purchased the AAP Pediatric Nutrition Handbook for each local WIC agency nutritionist. These will be sent from the DHSS warehouse during November. We may have additional copies if your WIC agency is needing more than what is sent you. Please contact your TA nutritionist if you have questions or would like additional copies

SUBJECT 8: FFY 2014 End-of-Year Invoicing Due December 10, 2014. The deadline for submission of FFY 2014 end-of-year invoices is Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Expenses must have been incurred prior to October 1, 2014 to qualify for the FFY 2014 funding year. The grant year will close the end of December and payments beyond this date are not possible. SUPPLEMENTAL Invoice due 12-10-2014 - ABSOLUTE DEADLINE

Please contact your District Technical Assistance staff if you need assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Thompson at 573-526-7901, or 800-392-8209, or

WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: WIC Certifier - Cass County. The Cass County Health Department is currently accepting applications/resumes for a position within the WIC Division. This position is a WIC Certifier. Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma or GED, two years of related experience preferred. For complete job description, visit Fax resumes to 816-380-8450 or e-mail to attention: Director or by mailing to 300 South Main Street, Harrisonville, MO 64701. Resumes will be accepted until position is filled.