March 24, 2014 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Procedures for Correcting MOWINS (Mismatched and Missing) Data-REMINDER
SUBJECT 2: MOWINS - Archiving Project
SUBJECT 3: Supplemental Feeding
SUBJECT 4: WIC Turns 40
SUBJECT 5: Where Are Our WIC Kids Now

1. Procedures for Correcting MOWINS Mismatched and Missing) Data-REMINDER: We need your help to ensure all participant records in MOWINS have a DCN number recorded in the participant folder. To help with this ongoing project, there are instructions on the MOWINS webpage for you to help us correct data in MOWINS. If a participant does not have a DCN number, please assign one and enter that number in the PMI field. DO NOT enter all zeroes, the HHID, another person’s SWID/HHID or the word “None” in the PMI field. If the DCN has leading zeroes, do enter those. Please visit the MOWINS webpage at to view the documents (in Miscellaneous section at bottom of page) titled: Procedures for Correcting MOWINS Data and Procedures for Correcting MOWINS Data-MisMatched Data. Please review these reports monthly to keep updated on any records that do not contain a DCN number or need corrections.

If you have any questions, please contact the WIC Help Desk at 800-554-2544 or

2. MOWINS - Archiving Project: The MOWINS Archiving project is now complete. Effective immediately, MOWINS will only display documents that were scanned into the system within the last year; all prior years of scanned documents will be available by request only. To see if your participant has any archived documents, there is a new report in Crystal entitled, Archived Scanned Images (View in Crystal). This report is located in the Local Agency – Administrative Management folder If LWP agency staff need to view an archived document, please contact the WIC Help Desk via telephone at 800-554-2544 or by e-mail at, and have the following information available: Participant’s State WIC ID (SWID), Participant Name, Requesting Staff name and contact phone number. Please advise how you would prefer to receive the information (e-mail or fax). If fax is the preferred method, be sure to include your fax number.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Melissa Seaver at (573) 751-6489 or

3. Supplemental Feeding: When the LWP utilizes the new Breastfeeding Beyond One Year checkbox, the system requires an entry for Date Supplemental Feeding Began if one has not already been entered. This requirement has prompted State Nutrition Staff to clarify the definition of supplemental feeding and to provide an answer for the date that should be entered when a participant has never received formula.

A definition of supplemental feeding will be added to the WOM to clarify that supplemental feeding refers to formula, or milk provided in the child’s food package. Water is not considered supplemental feeding. Solid foods are not considered supplemental feeding. Date Solids Were Introduced captures when food was started.

For the participant who was breastfed for 1 year, continues to be fully breastfed and never received formula, enter the current date in the required Date Supplemental Feeding Began. If you have questions, please contact your assigned technical assistance nutritionist.

4. WIC Turns 40: Resources for celebrating the 40th anniversary of WIC are available from the National WIC Association. The materials help people better understand what WIC does and showcase the value of WIC to families. Videos to share on your social media, website or blogs, as well as posters, are available on 5 topics: WIC Overview, Nutrition Education, Healthy Foods, Breastfeeding Support, and Healthcare Referrals. You may contact your state technical assistance nutritionist if you have questions.

5. Where Are Our WIC Kids Now: The 2014 MO WIC Conference is scheduled for October 19, 20 and 21. On Sunday, October 19 after having a very exciting interactive opening session, the Conference Planning Committee is planning a celebration in honor of WIC’s 40th year. The Committee is hoping that you will provide us with information, pictures, stories and video clips of the last 40 years.

Do any of you go back 40 years with WIC? Do you know someone who was either a WIC participant or a local WIC agency employee? We would very much appreciate any information you will share with us. In addition, we are searching for a potential speaker who was a WIC kid and has gone on to a successful career. Do you know of anyone? Attached is a form to complete and submit. This form can be used to submit names of employees who have worked in WIC 20 - 40 years. This form can also be used to submit names of former WIC participants. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

40th Celebration Stories Form