Professional training opportunities for WIC local agency and the public.


Fundamentals of Breastfeeding: an 18 Hour Course

The training will provide basic knowledge on composition of human milk, physiology of milk production, maternal and infant assessment, latch on and positioning, normal breastfeeding, documentation, counseling skills, breastfeeding challenges, milk supply issues, medication concerns and promotion of breastfeeding.

Location and Dates of 2022 Training:
To be announced. Dates will be in late summer 2022.

For information about a prerequisite course for the IBLCE Exam Prep course or information about courses needed to qualify as a Breastfeeding Friendly WIC Clinic, contact Lisa Schlientz at

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Lactation Education Training – IBCLC Prep Course

This course will provide prospective lactation consultants, other health professionals and community lactation supporters with lactation and breastfeeding information that is practical, current, and evidence-based. This course will prepare attendees to sit for the IBLCE exam and provide 45 hours of the required lactation specific education.

Training date and location:
Virtual Training - Course will meet: April 18, April 25, May 2, May 10, and May 16. Registration Closed

Please direct any questions regarding the training to Lisa Schlientz at 573-751-6468 or

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Healthy Smiles from the Start Training

Healthy Smiles from the Start training was a coordinated effort of the Missouri Dental Association (MDA), the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Oral Health program, and the Missouri WIC program to provide dental health care education. Upon completion of the oral health training the WIC state agency is authorizing 1 CEU to all CPAs and nutritionists.
Implementation November 16, 2015.

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Introduction to Child Development

This is an approved 1-hour continuing education unit (CEU) for WIC professional staff. In this course, WIC staff will learn:

  • What developmental milestones are
  • Why monitoring children’s development is important
  • How to empower parents to monitor their children’s developmental milestones
  • How to support families by offering a referral for screening or other services

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If your local agency would like to enroll in the WIC Developmental Milestones Program, click here.

Online HemoCue Training

This Hemocue Hb 201+ System Course for WIC does not replace training provided by the Hemocue trainer; however, it can be used as a refresher, as a corrective action plan, viewed prior to training, or on an as-needed basis. You will need to register for an account with OnCue Education the first time you use this new site, even if enrolled in Hemocue University previously. Contact your district nutrition specialist if you have questions.

Screening for Postpartum Depression in WIC

This training will provide certifying and counseling staff (WIC certifier, CPA, nutritionist) with information on screening for, and assigning, risk factor 361 Depression, with a focus on postpartum depression. Information will include:

  • Optimal screening tools and times for administering and evaluating the screening tool in WIC;
  • Documentation and follow up requirements for participants screened or referred;
  • When to assign Risk Factor 361 Depression and Risk Factor 357 Drug Nutrient Interactions; and
  • Ways to educate WIC women who have been assigned Risk Factor 361 Depression.