View the following video for social media training.

The state agency is authorizing 1-CEUs to all staff who has completed the Social Media 101 Training since March 7, 2016 to current date. A printable certificate is available here.

Video Resources

Like Facebook, Love Your Community
This guidebook was created to help WIC staff and peer counselors become aware of the many features and tools available through Facebook that can be used to create a meaningful online community. It also describes how best to use those tools to engage WIC clients at a level where they see value in being an active, long-term member of that community.

CDC Social Media Toolkit and CDC’s Guide to Writing for Social Media
Provides guidance about lessons learned in more than three years of integrating social media into CDC health communication campaigns, activities, and emergency response efforts.

Mashable is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation.
Twitter Guide Book - How To, Tips and Instructions
Facebook Guide Book - How To, Tips and Instructions