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The Missouri WIC Developmental Milestones Program is a partnership between the University of Missouri and the Missouri Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” public health campaign.

This program assists with monitoring children’s developmental milestones and knowing when and how to refer families for follow-up if there are concerns. Using materials developed by experts at the CDC, the WIC Developmental Milestones Program was co-designed by WIC staff for WIC staff. This ensures a program that focuses on children, is meaningful to families, and is easy for staff.

How the Program Benefits Local Agencies and the Families They Serve

The WIC Developmental Milestones Program uses a set of checklists and family-friendly wall and floor graphics to increase parents’ awareness of developmental milestones and to promote the early identification of potential developmental delay. The program positively impacts families and children and is easy to implement.

To learn exactly how the program works and how Missouri families have been helped, we invite you to watch this introductory video designed to answer local agencies’ questions about enrolling in the program.

Four Easy Steps for Local WIC Agencies to Get Started:

  1. Go to the online application to enroll your agency.
  2. Download and print the Implementation Manual.
  3. View the brief training video.
  4. A free WIC Developmental Milestones program kit and materials order form will be mailed to each clinic site participating. Use the form to order additional checklists as needed.

Technical Assistance

For more information, contact D'Anne Ward at

Other Resources

CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” public health campaign.

Missouri WIC Developmental Milestones Program Executive Summary

This summary describes the program’s development during Phase I and Phase II.