Formula Information

Breastfeeding and nutrition education are a major focus for Missouri WIC.  The Program commits a significant amount of resources to promoting and supporting these goals. Missouri WIC supports breastfeeding as the preferred method for infant feeding.However, if a mother decides to breastfeed partially, or not to breastfeed, WIC provides infant formula. Please see description below of formula provided by the Missouri WIC Program.

Primary Contract Infant FormulaMilk or soy based infant formula issued to most healthy infants as a result of a contract awarded to a specific manufacturer through a competitive bidding process.

Exempt Infant Formula A formula that is represented and labeled for use by infants who have inborn errors of metabolism, low birth weight or who otherwise have unusual dietary or medical problems.  Issuance requires medical documentation.

Medical Food A medical food is prescribed by a physician when a patient has special nutrient needs in order to manage a disease or health condition.  The label must clearly state that the product is intended to be used to manage a specific medical disorder or condition.  Issuance requires medical documentation.

WIC Contract Standard Formula All Missouri WIC participants who are partially or fully formula-fed will be provided a WIC contract formula unless a medical formula (i.e., exempt infant formula or medical food) is medically necessary.

Background Information
WIC is required by federal regulation to have a formula rebate contract, which ensures that we can serve as many qualifying moms, babies and children as possible. The Missouri WIC program’s formula rebate contract has been awarded to Mead Johnson Nutritionals for the period October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2013.

Missouri WIC’s rebate contract formulas:

  • Enfamil Premium Infant
  • Enfamil Gentlease
  • Enfamil ProSobee
  • Enfamil A.R. *

*Requires medical documentation for issuance.

Non Contract Standard Formulas The Missouri WIC program will not provide other standard formulas such as: Similac Advance, Similac Early Shield, Similac Isomil, Similac Sensitive RS, Nestle Good Start Gentle PLUS, Nestle Good Start Soy PLUS, Nestle Good Start Protect PLUS, etc. Missouri WIC does not receive a rebate when one of these non-contract formulas is requested, which means funds to support more mothers, infants and children are reduced. Thus Missouri WIC does not allow non-contract formulas.
If a parent requests a non-contract standard formula for a claimed intolerance to a contract formula, the following should be considered:
•  Assure infant feeding practices are appropriate
•  Suggest the participant purchase the non-contract formula on their own until they are ready for a Missouri WIC contract formula
•  Determine if there is a special medical condition requiring a medical formula.

Medical/Exempt Formulas Sometimes WIC participants require a formula other than a WIC contract formula due to medical reasons.  Missouri WIC allows exempt infant formula and medical foods (Alimentum, Nutramigen Enflora with LGG and Pregestimil Lipil, etc), intended for specific medical conditions, when prescribed by an approved health care provider.

A WIC Medical Documentation Health Care Provider Authorization Form must be completed for participants who need special formulas.