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The Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRIMO) program recognizes and expresses appreciation to the Missouri Hospital Association for donations to help fund the PRIMO program.

Four Components of PRIMOPRIMO photo collage

  • Student Loans
  • Recruitment/Placement
  • Health Professional Loan Repayment
  • Health Care Delivery Systems

PRIMO is a multi-faceted approach to improving access to health care delivery services for all Missourians.

Student Loans: The PRIMO program is a competitive state program that awards funding to Missouri residents attending a Missouri institution pursuing training leading to Missouri licensure as primary care physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, psychiatrists, and other mental health practitioners. Upon completion of training, the PRIMO recipient completes a service obligation by working in a designated underserved area, in Missouri, experiencing shortages of medical, mental health, and dental professionals.

Program Provisions found in the PRIMO Program Policies and Procedures and the PRIMO Program Regulations (19 CSR 10-4.010).

Recruitment and Replacement Services: The Department of Health and Senior Services partners with organizations to assist with the recruitment and placement of health care professionals in Missouri HPSAs.

Health Professional Loan Repayment: PRIMO recipients complete their loan repayment through obtaining qualifying employment to earn forgiveness by working in an underserved area in primary care. 

Health Care Delivery Systems:  seek to improve the delivery of health care by partnering with statewide organizations, communities, and academic institutions to support the building and equipping of clinics, treatment centers and other economically sustainable health care delivery sites.

Who is Eligible to Apply?PRIMO

The applicant must meet all of the following:

  • A Missouri resident
  • Full-Time Student: Enrolled in a Participating Institution in a formal course of instruction leading to one of the following degrees/licensures:
    • a bachelor of science degree leading to a doctor of dentistry, or a doctor of allopathic; or osteopathic medicine;
    • a degree as a doctor of allopathic or osteopathic medicine;
    • a as a doctor of dentistry; or
    • a degree leading to licensure as a registered dental hygienist.

Maximum Loan Repayment Amounts Awarded per Year (You must reapply every year)

Amounts Based on student’s chosen discipline, educational status, and the institutions tuition.


Amount Per Academic Year

Number of Maximum Loans

Student Status



Maximum 4 loans


Undergraduate or Dental Hygienist students


Maximum 6 loans


Undergraduate or Dental Hygienist Students


Years 1 and 2
of a 6-Year Program


Allopathic or Osteopathic Medical or Dental Program


Years 3 through 6
of a 6-Year Program


Allopathic or Osteopathic Medical or Dental Program


Maximum 4 Years
of a 4-Year Program


Allopathic or Osteopathic Medical or Dental Program


Maximum 3 Loans


Selected Primary Care
Resident Physicians

Repayment of Loans/Service Obligation

PRIMO recipients earn forgiveness of their loan award through a service obligation. The service obligation required for forgiveness is based upon the number of loans received. The obligation is one year of service per award, which is based on full-time qualifying employment. One loan equates to one year of service; two loans equates to two years of service, etc., which is based on full-time qualifying employment. The maximum service obligation is five years.

Qualified employment is considered as full-time, direct patient care in a HPSA providing primary health care services. You can search for HPSAs here.  Full-time in the PRIMO program is considered a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week.

Before You Apply

  • You must understand all the program provisions, penalties, and how contract breaches occur.
  • There are serious penalties associated with breaching program contracts, which could result in paying back the entire loan amount awarded to you including interest. 
  • All funds awarded accrue an annual interest rate of 9.5% from the date the loan is disbursed.

PRIMO Program Rules, Policies and Procedures

  • PRIMO Program Regulation (19 CSR 10-4.010)
  • PRIMO Program Policies and Procedures 2019 (Contact the program for policies and procedures)

PRIMO Program Forms


Contact Information
Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRIMO)
Office of Rural Health and Primary Care
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
P.O. Box 570, 930 Wildwood
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570
Phone: 573-751-6441
Email (Preferred Method of Contact):