The Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRIMO) is a multi-faceted approach to the health care delivery services for all Missourians.

Four components of PRIMO

  • Student Loans
  • Recruitment/Placement
  • Health Professional Loan Repayment
  • Health Care Delivery Systems

The PRIMO Student Loan Program is a competitive state program that awards forgivable loans to students pursuing health care training leading to Missouri licensure.

Eligible Health Disciplines

  • Primary care physicians (internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, family medicine)
  • Primary care dentists (general dentistry, pediatrics)
  • Dental hygienists
PRIMO photo collage

Amount of funding provided depends upon the student’s chosen discipline and educational status.

Repayment of loans can be completed either through cash repayment at 9.5 percent simple interest or through obtaining qualifying employment to earn forgiveness. Forgiveness is based upon the number of loans received. Example: one loan equates to one year of service; two loans equates to two years of service, etc based on full-time qualifying employment. Qualifying employment is capped at five (5) years even in the event a PRIMO participant receives more than five loans. Qualifying employment is considered as full-time, direct patient care at a facility located in an area of need which is also referred to as a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). The licensed PRIMO participant must accept Medicaid/MC+ and work at an employment site which operates on a sliding fee scale basis. Professional health services must be provided to the general population.

The program would like to acknowledge gratitude to the Missouri Hospital Association for its donations to PRIMO student loan.

Applications can be obtained by downloading the Health Professional Student Loan Universal Application, or contacting the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health (contact information on right side of this webpage).