Office of Minority Health Staff

Joseph Palm, MPH

Valerie Butler
Health Program Representative II

Joanne Lewis
Administrative Assistant

Statewide Minority Health Alliance

The Statewide Minority Health Alliance serves as a voice of advocacy and advice for the community in identifying and improving minority health status; serves with the purpose of establishing and maintaining meaningful communication on minority health issues; and to develop and submit specific recommendations to the Department of Health and Senior Services that will have a positive impact on minority health and wellness disparities at the local level and statewide.

Alliance Goals

  • The Alliance is the “bridge” between minority communities and public health care agencies to provide better access to services and to influence policies impacting minorities.
  • The Alliance offers open dialogue for sharing successes, problems, and barriers within the community and working together works to create solutions.

Alliance Efforts Include:

  • Prioritizing issues of minority communities.
  • Supporting community activities and organizations.
  • Encouraging minority participation in health programs.
  • Advising current community organizations on minority outreach.
  • Identifying new community health partners.
  • Special events.

Alliance Meeting Dates

Alliance Representatives







For more information about the Minority Health Advisory Committee Regional Alliance, call the Office of Minority Health toll-free at 1-800-877-3180 or write to:
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services
Office of Minority Health

P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 800-877-3108
Fax: 573-522-1599

To be a member of the Minority Health Advisory Committee Regional Alliance, complete the membership form. Return form by e-mail to, or fax to 573-522-1599.

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