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The listings below are the quality improvement projects.  Project Leaders and CQI team members are encouraged to update the status of their projects frequently.   To edit an existing listing, contact us.

Project Title Agency Project Leader Project Status Expected Completion Date

Maintain Percentage Rate of Form Completion
with New Tracking Form

Phelps/Maries County Health Department, HFA Kelly Beisser Completed 1/31/2018
Maintain or improve PE and Age form completion percentage of 89% Randolph County Health Department Betsy White On-going 3/31/2018
Recording Due Dates in Google
Calendar to Increase Precentage
of PE and Age Form Completion
DAEOC Chelsea Cross On-going 5/30/2018
Using Charts to Complete Post Enrollment
and Age Forms in a Timely Manner
PAT-Malden Teresa Brown Completed 1/31/2018
Post enrollment and child form completion
Great Circle Martha Cordonnier Completed 1/2/2018
Where's your focus? Post Enrollment & Age Forms: Getting it done Southeast Hospital Barb Gleason Completed 9/30/2018
Increase APE (age and post enrollment) form completion Columbia-Boone Sandi Miller On-going 4/30/2018
Maximizing Impact through High Quality Data
PATNC Kristen Mandrell Completed 2/1/2018
Post Enrollment/age form completion and Time
SCMCAA Sara Bell Completed 1/22/2018
Data Entry Improvement CQI Project Kansas City Health Dept., NFP Kristy Seanez On-going 5/31/2018
Increasing Post-Enrollment and Age Froms with
Changes to the NFP Data Forms Checklist
St. Louis County Department of Health, NFP Lauren Stone On-going 1/11/2018
Building Lasting Family Partnerships Delta Area Economic Opportunity Corporation, EHS-HBO Kendra Myers Completed
Provide Incentives at Specified Intervals for Retention Program Malden R-1 School District, PAT Jackie Cohen Completed
Comprehensive Program Explanation South Central Missouri Community Action Agency, EHS-HBO Sara Bell & Tasha Brandon Completed
Increasing Retention One Client at a Time Southeast Hospital, NFP Barb Gleason Completed
Changing of the Guard: Program Tools for Retention When a Home Visitor is Replaced Great Circle/Parenting Life Skills Center, HFA Gary Johnson


Project Interactive Retention (PIR) Columbia-Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services, HFA Lynn Bollinger Completed
Retention Improvement Project Randolph County Health Department, HFA Diana Taylor Completed
Engagement = Retention Cornerstones of Care, HFA Jennifer Bruns Completed
Healthy Families Client Retention PDSA Phelps/Maries County Health Department, HFA Lisa Kean Completed

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