Brief Description

This test will then be done in addition to the Routine Ova and Parasite exam if specifically requested on the Microbiology Specimen Submission form. The stool submitted in the 10% formalin is used to make a concentrated wet mount that is microscopically examined under UV fluorescence for the presence of Cyclospora and/or Cystoisospora.

Laboratory Unit



UV fluorescence microscopy

Specimen Collection

Ova and Parasite kits can be ordered from the MSPHL.  These kits consist of a 10% formalin vial and an LV-PVA vial.  Specimen submission forms can be printed from this website.


After the specimen is collected kits can be shipped at room temperature.  Collected specimens are good until the kits expire.

Acceptable Specimen Type(s)

Stool specimens in the 10% formalin vial are the acceptable specimen for this exam.

Test Request Form(s)

Possible Results

If Cyclospora and/or Cystoisospora are not found then the result goes out as “Not Found”.

If either or both parasite is found then they will be identified and reported out as “Cyclospora cayentensis oocysts” and/or “Cystoisospora bellioocysts”.

Unacceptable Conditions

The following conditions are considered unsatisfactory for testing:

If the formalin vial is not received

Specimens that are not labeled with the patient name or identifier

Stool is mixed with urine or only urine is received

Interfering Substances


Result Reported

Results should be available in 1-2 days.  All positive results are called to the submitter the day testing is complete.


As provided in 19 CSR 25-38.010, submitters may be charged a handling charge of $10.00 per sample submitted for testing.

CPT Codes




Additional Information

This test is not part of the routine Ova and Parasite exam and must be specifically requested.