May 24, 2019
DHSS releases final rules for the implementation of Amendment 2

May 24, 2019
DHSS encourages Missourians to stay safe during tornado and flood cleanup

May 10, 2019
As many as 10 facilities could become licensed to test medical marijuana in Missouri

May 9, 2019
Older Americans Month 2019: Connect, Create, Contribute

April 26, 2019
DHSS announces number of medical marijuana facilities to be licensed

April 10, 2019
DHSS releases draft application questions for medical marijuana facility licenses

April 8, 2019
Missouri DHSS releases medical marijuana program updates

April 4, 2019
Talking about organ and tissue donation

April 3, 2019
Avoiding diseases transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes

April 1, 2019
Missouri celebrates National Public Health Week

March 28, 2019
DHSS releases draft rules for medical marijuana facility evaluation criteria and testing facilities

March 24, 2019
DHSS urges vigilance in flood-impacted areas

March 22, 2019
Floodwaters could threaten quality of private water supplies

March 18, 2019
As Spring rains arrive, so do the risks associated with flood water, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services warns

March 15, 2019
DHSS releases drafts of rules for medical marijuana facilities

March 15, 2019
Report explains contributing factors of senior food insecurity in Missouri

February 21, 2019
DHSS recommends catch-up vaccinations

February 21, 2019
DHSS continues collecting input on rulemaking process for medical marijuana program

February 15, 2019
Hospital in Sweet Springs voluntarily suspends license

February 9, 2019
Missouri’s Child and Adult Care Food Program is available to many facilities

February 6, 2019
DHSS collects feedback on rulemaking process for medical marijuana program

February 4, 2019
License offices awarded for their efforts to save and enhance lives

February 1, 2019
Missouri WIC operations and services remain uninterrupted

February 1, 2019
State seeking organizations to serve meals to children during summer months

January 18, 2019
State health department advises Missourians to take precautions against bitter cold temperatures

January 16, 2019
CDC awards Missouri public water systems for fluoridation quality

January 10, 2019
DHSS begins rulemaking process for medical marijuana program

December 20, 2018
Increasing efforts to reduce maternal mortality in Missouri

December 20, 2018
Bridgeton Health Consultation: Public Meeting with Availability Session and Extension of Public Comment Period

December 19, 2018
UPDATED: DHSS Provides Update on Possible Area of Public Health Concern

December 19, 2018
Missouri improves in America's Health Rankings for 2018

December 19, 2018
DHSS update on Amendment Two

December 18, 2018
DHSS Opens Public Comment Period for Updates to Medicaid-Funded Home and Community Based Services Program

December 17, 2018
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services names new Chief of Public Information

December 14, 2018
DHSS Advises of Possible Area of Public Health Concern