Heat and Humidity                                                                  June 17, 2010


Heat, humidity can create health risk at any age

Missouri’s summertime heat and humidity can take a toll whether you are playing baseball, mowing your lawn or just relaxing on your front porch in the shade.

Lori Harris-Franklin, Senior Epidemiology Specialist with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services provides tips Missourians can take to ensure a safe summer.

Harris #1       :14 / OC : “Midwest during summertime”


Harris-Franklin says tha-t people with health conditions and outdoor workers can fall victim to summertime heat and humidity.
Harris #2       :37 / OC: “your body hydrated”


Harris-Franklin says that some medications can play a role in how people handle the heat.
Harris #3       :49 / OC: “to the heat”


Missourians are urged to use the state’s toll-free abuse and neglect hotline number to report senior citizens or adults with disabilities suffering from the heat or needing assistance. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

Harris #4       :10 / OC: “two, one, zero”


Harris-Franklin tells how important it is for the younger children to stay hydrated when they are outside in the heat and humidity.

Harris #5       :30 / OC: “glasses every hour”


Harris-Franklin tells us what to look for in a person who might have a heat related health problem.

Harris #6       1:06 / OC: “medical help immediately”


Harris-Franklin says action needs to be taken quickly if the signs of a heat related problem are prevalent.

Harris #7       :27/ OC: “911 right away”


Harris-Franklin says that infants, pets and older adults can all suffer heat related problems if they are left inside a car, even if the windows are open.

Harris #8     :32 / OC: “in a car”