ready in 3 kidsSee if you can solve the crossword puzzle below. Place your mouse cursor inside a square and type a letter. If the letter is correct the square will change to orange. Good Luck!

This is an interactive crossword puzzle.


  1. ______ light: A handy tool to have if the lights go out!
  2. Every person needs one gallon of this per day!
  3. This comfortable piece of furniture should not be part of a family's supply kit.
  4. Furry family members that should be part of your preparedness plan.
  5. Some people have a ______ between meals if they are hungry.
  6. You might find water, a flashlight, or a whistle in an emergency supply ______.
  7. Fun items that families can play together.


  1. Families can create a communication ______ so that they know where to meet and whom to call during an emergency.
  2. ______ bag: Great for napping or keeping warm.
  3. Every family member should carry a contact list with at least ______ different phone numbers that will allow you to keep in touch during an emergency.
  4. It's important to get the ______ about different kinds of emergencies, so that you know what to expect.
  5. Keep an extra pair of these in your supply kit to keep your feet dry!

Download a PDF of this crossword puzzle.