How to use Intervention MICA?

Previously, you will have conducted an assessment to identify a priority health issue and population for which you want to plan an intervention. Now that you are ready to plan the intervention, select the topic of interest from the left bar or the Intervention MICA home page. Use the information, tools and resources in each of the following sections to plan your intervention.

expand1. Populations. collapse1. Populations. Select a population with which you are planning an intervention. Read considerations of the group and strategies to address the considerations. Notice that references for the findings are provided at the bottom of the page. Think about the implications of this information in planning an intervention for your priority population.
expand2. Settings. collapse2. Settings. Select a setting in which you are planning to implement an intervention. Read about the setting and what has been learned from previous work in implementing interventions in this setting. Think about how this information will be helpful as you plan your intervention.
expand3. Strategies. collapse3. Strategies. This section presents information, tools and resources for using any of the following six evidence-based strategies in your intervention:
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Individual Education
  • Group Education
  • Supportive Relationships
  • Provider Education
  • Environment and Policies

You may read the definition of each by scrolling over the top of the strategy. Notice the level of effectiveness each has on the outcomes at the top of the table. Take this information into consideration when deciding which strategy or strategies you will use in your intervention. For example, if the purpose of your intervention is to impact a health outcome, you will want to combine the use of a campaign or promotion strategy with another because evidence published in the literature shows the strategy alone has not produced the desired outcome.

Select a strategy that you want to learn more about, or would like to use in your intervention. You will go to a page with questions and answers that provide information about using the strategy in your intervention. Consider this information in your planning.

Now you are ready to begin planning an intervention that will use the strategy. Go to the Action Steps page and read the information provided for each step. You may chose to download the information in a pdf document for ease of reading or to use as a handout for your partners. A checklist of the steps and a worksheet are provided for your use in planning an intervention using this strategy. Follow the suggested steps as you plan your intervention.

The next page provides links to Tools and Resources for the selected strategy. Locate materials or other information that may be of help to you in planning an intervention using this strategy. After reviewing the tools and resources for the strategy you chose, go the Example Evidence-based Interventions.

You may also select other strategies to explore for use in your intervention from the drop down box in the upper right hand corner of any topic page in Intervention MICA.

expand4. Example Evidence-based Interventions. collapse4. Example Evidence-based Interventions. Interventions that have been evaluated with results published in peer-reviewed publications are listed in a table organized by the strategy or strategies used. Locate an intervention in the table that used the strategy you are interested in using, and that was implemented with your priority population and in a setting in which you are interested implementing your intervention. Select the title of the intervention and read the information in the abstract. Consider this information as you complete your intervention plan.
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