Motor Vehicle Injuries

Action Steps to Create and Implement Environment & Policy

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Once you have determined that your partnership would like to implement an intervention to create changes in environments and policies addressing motor vehicle injuries, you can begin to create an action plan, or list of detailed steps to be taken to implement your intervention. The time you take to outline your intervention will increase your chances of success. Your action plan may be divided into preparation, action, and evaluation steps. In terms of preparation, it is important to determine the partners, resources and messages to develop in order to meet your goals and objectives for your motor vehicle injuries environments and policies. In action, you and your partners begin to take the necessary steps to implement your intervention. Lastly, in evaluation you and your partners will take steps to determine or to give value to what you are doing in your intervention. While evaluation is located in the reflection section of these action steps, evaluation activities may be implemented through preparation and action as well. Many of these steps you may have already begun to think through before you decided on your intervention, however you may need to revisit these areas as you develop your specific intervention action plan.  Use the Motor Vehicle Injuries Action Steps Worksheet and Checklist provided by this website to aid in your intervention development.

Preparation(pdf file all sections)

Create your partnership
Identify your population
Record your intervention goals and objectives
Assess your community capacity and needed resources
Design your intervention activities
Identify potential barriers
Plan your evaluation methods and measures

Action(pdf file all sections)

Convene your partners and build partnership capacity
Revisit your goals and objectives
Enhance your community capacity and obtain needed resources
Implement your intervention activities
Respond to barriers
Collect your evaluation data
Validate, interpret and summarize your findings
Share your work with the population 

Reflection(pdf file all sections)

Strengthen your partnership
Consider your unintended outcomes and lessons learned and improve your intervention activities and evaluation methods
Identify the ongoing needs of the community
Sustain your efforts

Action Steps Worksheet
Action Steps Checklist

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