Intervention Topics

Intervention topics on this website include diseases, health conditions, and risk factors. Three behaviors-tobacco use, poor nutrition and physical inactivity-are primary risk factors for a number of diseases and health conditions. When creating an intervention to improve a disease or condition, the greatest impact may be made if an approach is taken that also addresses the associated risk factors.  For example, a well-planned diabetes intervention may include strategies to address tobacco use, physical activity, and nutrition.

The following table identifies selected diseases or health conditions and their associated risk factors. To begin planning an intervention, select any of the underlined diseases, conditions or risk factors. The link will take you to the topic homepage and guide you to information necessary to plan the intervention. Each topic includes information on populations, settings, strategies, action steps, and tools and resources.

Selected Diseases/Conditions
Risk Factors
  Tobacco use   Poor Nutrition   Physical
Breast Cancer      
Colorectal Cancer      
COPD (Lung Disease)        
Heart Disease & Stroke    
Infant Health Problems    
Injury From Falls      
Lung Cancer      
Motor Vehicle Injuries          
Oral Health      
Pneumonia & Influenza        

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