Share your work with the population  

Share your results with your partners and other stakeholders in the organization or community. You may also consider presenting at conferences locally or nationally to let others know of your successes and challenges. Getting the word out is key to improving the interventions over time.

The following questions have been provided to help guide the discussion you have with your partners about sharing your work with others:

  • What is the goal of sharing our work? What action do we want others to take?
  • Which group needs to take action right now? Which group is the primary audience at this moment?
  • What does this audience care about? What values do we share with this audience?
  • What is our message to this audience? What do they need to hear to take action?
  • What media outlets does our audience follow? Which newspapers do they read? Which radio stations do they listen to? Which television newscasts do they watch?
  • Are there reasons to be cautious about how we fame our messages? Are there any potential negative impacts from our partners?  Our funders? The intended users of our programs?

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