Record your intervention goals and objectives

If you and your partnership have not formed your intervention goals and objectives, you will need to work with your partners to do so. Although you may refine your goals and objectives, it is important to start with some idea of what you want to accomplish for this intervention.  Provider reminder and education systems provide cues and training to support health care professionals in counseling or advising their patients or clients.  These systems can assist health care professionals in assessing the patient’s or client’s health needs as well as delivering the appropriate health recommendations.
Example of a goal and objective for a provider education intervention aimed at physical activity:

  • Goal: Increase the number of people in your community who meet physical activity recommendations.
  • Objective: Increase by 25% the proportion of primary care physicians who refer all patients to physical activity resources.

With provider education, as with other efforts to promote awareness of physical activity, it is important to set attainable and realistic goals and objectives. This usually requires having a good idea of the providers needs and may require the development of intermediate outcomes such as changes in attitudes or readiness to provide education. 

It may be helpful to create a logic model to organize your goals, objectives and the action steps to meet your goals and objectives. Some funding sources have very specific logic models for your partnership to use, so be aware of different requirements. For more information on developing goals and objectives, visit Preparing for Your Intervention in Readiness and Preparation.

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