Implement your intervention activities

  • Collect information and facts pertinent to your intervention

Collect information on the extent of problems related to physical inactivity and the potential benefits of physical activity in your area. It will also be helpful to develop information regarding the amount of time providers spend giving information to their patients, and their barriers to providing this information.  Facts and figures are the pieces of evidence you need to justify your desire for community change. It will also be useful to collect economic information about the costs and benefits of using provider education systems to enhance physical activity in other communities in order to get community and partner support for your intervention.  Once you have this information collected, you will need to prepare the materials you will be using to share information with your partners.

  • Perform your intervention activities  

Delivering messages to your target health care providers may include structured classes or reminder materials.  For example, you may hand out leaflets on physical activity and to suggest ways to incorporate information, resources and teaching of self-management to patients.

  • Revisit your timeline and roles and responsibilities

As you are implementing your provider education intervention, it will be helpful to revisit your timeline and the roles and responsibilities that you outlined in the preparation stage to ensure that you are accomplishing all that you set out to do. You may need to revise your timeline and roles and responsibilities as you encounter barriers and challenges.

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