Create your partnership

There may be several individuals and organizations that can assist you in the design, plan and implementation (or putting into action) of your provider reminder and education systems training.  Provider education interventions have been implemented with the assistance of a wide range of partners.

Example partners to help you implement your provider education intervention:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • physician assistants
  • exercise physiologists
  • pharmacists
  • alternative health care providers (e.g., chiropractors)
  • mental health care providers (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers)
  • insurance providers
  • health care administrators and support staff
  • community based organizations (e.g., local community center)
  • community coalitions
  • community health centers
  • public health departments and agencies
  • clinics
  • doctors’ offices
  • medical residents
  • media
  • universities and researchers
  • schools

Try to think of partners that can serve a variety of roles. For example, you may need certain partners to help you create your intervention messages (e.g., health departments, medical schools), while some partners may be more helpful in distributing those messages (e.g., hospitals).

Don’t forget to consider partners that may help you with evaluating your intervention.  To evaluate a provider education intervention, or any other intervention, it is often useful to seek out technical assistance from local colleges, universities or others with this experience. These may also be partners that you consider engaging in designing and planning from the very beginning.

For more information on engaging partners, go to Partnerships.

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