Tools and Resources for Provider Education

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  1. Populations

    Racial/Ethnic Minorities

    Ethnic and Cultural Resources
    This site has an extensive list of resources concerning ethnic and cultural food and nutrition issues.


    Children and Adolescents

    This website provides practical information for teaching basic cooking skills in a simple, pictorial format.  Curriculum and training are available.

    Toolkit for Intervention of Overweight Children and Adolescents
    This website offers a toolkit to provide parents, teachers, students and community leaders with information to use to prevent and control childhood overweight and obesity.

    Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition
    This website provides an information guide for health professionals to assist them in nutrition screening, assessment and counseling of children from infancy through adolescence.

    Prevention of Childhood Overweight and Obesity
    This website by The American Academy of Pediatrics provides information for professionals to give to families on preventing childhood overweight and obesity.

    Obesity and Overweight
    American Academy of Family Physicians website provides information for physicians about obesity and overweight.

    Child & Adolescent Tool Kit for Health Care Providers
    This website provides a tool kit for health care providers to use with child & adolescent clients.

  2. Settings

    Health care-based

    Healthy South Dakota
    Healthy South Dakota website devoted to educating health professionals on the data, tools, resources, policy statements and best practices to impact the growing rate of obesity among American patients.

  3. Implementation

    Dairy Council of California
    Informative website that delivers interactive tools and resources for health educators and health professionals. 

  4. Other Tools/Resources
  5. Dietary Guidelines Toolkit for Professionals
    This website has a list of resources for professionals to cover various nutrition guidelines.

    The Nutrition Resource Center
    The goal of the Nutrition Resource Center is to strengthen the capacity of nutrition practitioners in communities across.

    Nutrition Academic Award Program – Products
    This site allows users to access nutrition curriculums for physicians, instructional material, and practice tools.

    Health Care and HIV
    This is a guide for health care providers to help patients with HIV maintain proper nutrition.

    Aim For a Healthy Weight: Information for Patients and the Public
    This website includes a BMI calculator for calculating BMI based on height and weight, a menu planner and other informational materials to help individuals maintain a healthy weight.


    This is a US Department of Agriculture website that includes information for health professionals. This initiative replaces MyPyramid.

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