Preserving Energy and Enthusiasm

A challenge to keeping the momentum of your partnership healthy and strong is fatigue. Partner exhaustion and burn out is common. The capacity of your partnership to remain flexible and respond effectively to transitions can help minimize the fatigue of partners and community members. Understanding community history is essential to sustaining your partnership and your initiatives over time. Some partners and community members may have made several past attempts to create change in the health, social, economic and environmental conditions in the community with varying degrees of success. Because of barriers that may have been encountered during these attempts, these individuals may feel that their energy and efforts were in vain, creating a sense of community fatigue.

momentumSome helpful hints to maintain your partnership energy and enthusiasm:

    •  Continue to encourage participation by all partners and ensure they feel ownership in partnership activities and their successes.
    •  Ensure that realistic roles and responsibilities have been assumed by each partner so that no individual or organization feels overburdened.
    •  Implement easily completed activities that can be expected to produce “small wins” to keep members of your partnership motivated and optimistic.
    •  Anticipate and plan for training and resources needed in your partnership or the community to enable you to accomplish your goals.

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