Injury From Falls

older coupleInjuries from falls are the leading cause of unintentional death among individuals 65 years of age or older. Falls are also a significant cause of injury and disability among children.  Common injuries resulting from falls include hip, spine and forearm fractures, open wounds, and brain injury.

Increasing awareness and knowledge about the seriousness of falls is an important first step in prevention. Ensuring children are supervised when using playground equipment, and using safety gates and handrails on steps can decrease falls. Providing safe and supportive opportunities for older adults to be physically active can improve the stamina and strength needed to prevent falling.

Included in the Intervention MICA injury from falls topic are considerations for implementing interventions with different populations and in different settings. Evidence-based strategies and interventions are described in detail. Action steps, tools and resources for planning and implementing an intervention are provided. Additionally, the following related Intervention MICA topic is available:

Background on Injury From Falls

Several resources are available to guide you in preventing and reducing injuries from falls and to improve environmental conditions in your community. For information about educational campaigns, provider training, safety devices, and safety standards go to the following:   

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