Record your intervention goals and objectives

If you and your partnership have not formed your intervention goals and objectives, you will need to work with your partners to do so. Although you may refine your goals and objectives, it is important to start with some idea of what you want to accomplish for this intervention.

Example of an injuries from falls environments and policies intervention goal and objective:

  • Goal: Reduce the incidence of injuries from falls in your community
  • Objective: Increase the proportion of even and unbroken sidewalks in your community by 25%.

This will likely require having a good idea of the community’s needs, the political climate, and community support for the policy or environmental changes. It may also be helpful to create a logic model to organize your goals, objectives and the action steps to meet your goals and objectives. Some funding sources have very specific logic models for your partnership to use, so be aware of different requirements. For more information on developing goals and objectives, visit Preparing for Your Intervention in Readiness and Preparation.

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