Create your partnership

There may be several individuals and organizations that can assist you in the design, plan and implementation (or putting into action), and evaluation of your environment or policy initiative.  Injuries from falls environments and policies have been implemented with the assistance of a wide range of partners.

Example partners to implement your injuries from falls initiative with include:

  • state and local government officials
  • transportation offices
  • parks departments
  • community leaders and policy-makers
  • local businesses - owners, managers
  • schools –teachers, sports coaches, nurses, food service personnel
  • legal council
  • health care professionals
  • hospitals, health care facilities
  • assisted living centers
  • retirement homes
  • researchers and academics
  • community organizations and coalitions
  • advocacy organizations
  • local media
  • faith leaders and faith based organizations
  • parents and families
  • employers/worksites

Try to think of partners that can serve a variety of roles. For example, you may need certain partners to help you create a plan for an environmental change to promote the prevention of injuries from falls (e.g. urban designers and architects) while some partners may be more helpful in implementing a policy (e.g., schools and state and local government officials).

Besides creating an environment or policy initiative to increase injuries from falls prevention, it is also important to evaluate your efforts. There may be elaborate and expensive ways to develop and implement an injuries from falls environments and policies. Regardless of the complexity of your intervention, to evaluate an environment or policy initiative, it is often useful to seek out technical assistance from local colleges, universities or others with this experience.

For more information on engaging partners, go to Partnerships.

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