Sharing Your Work

Preparing and sharing the results of your evaluation is important to provide a sense of accomplishment among partners. It may also be a requirement of the funding organization. Even if all the results are not as you would have hoped, the lessons learned through the process can be instrumental in your future efforts, as well as with those that you share the results.

evaluationYou may want to only share with partners some of the information gathered through the evaluation, such as information about conflicts within the partnership. However, if partnership issues contributed to not achieving the intended intervention outcomes, that should be acknowledged in the evaluation report.

Typically, an evaluation report is prepared for funding organizations and other key stakeholders. The report may include:

  • background information to explain the reasons for the intervention and why the priority population was selected (needs assessment results),
  • a list of the partners involved,
  • the intervention goals, objectives and intended outcomes,
  • a summary of the intervention activities, and
  • a discussion of the evaluation results and recommendations including lessons learned.

Sharing the evaluation results with the priority population and the community in general should be less formal than a report and may be done through a variety of ways, including a summary provided through:

  • Newsletters
  • Community forums
  • Internet websites
  • Local newspapers and magazines
  • Local television news and radio talk shows
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Libraries, schools, colleges or universities, faith-based organizations, businesses  

Remember to celebrate with your partners when the intervention is completed, and the evaluation has been conducted and reported. It is also time to focus on creating and sustaining momentum to continue your partnership efforts. For suggestions, go to Momentum.

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