evaluationWhat does it mean to evaluate and why do it?

Simply stated, to evaluate is to examine the worth of your efforts. Evaluation may be conducted for a number of reasons, including to:

  • identify areas for making improvements in what you do and how you do it;
  • determine if project goals, objectives and intended outcomes are met;
  • report progress to funders; and
  • make decisions about continuing your efforts.

What should be evaluated?

You and your partners will need to decide what aspects of your efforts you want to evaluate. Additionally, organizations funding interventions will likely indicate what is expected in terms of evaluation. Evaluation may be conducted on:

  • theprocesses used in identifying your priority health issue and population, and selecting an appropriate intervention;
  • implementation of the intervention;
  • the results of the intervention with respect to stated goals, objectives and outcomes; and
  • the effectiveness of the partnership in planning, implementing and evaluating the intervention.

The following sections provide information and suggestions for planning and implementing an evaluation. Select any of the following:

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