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  1. Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy
    This strategy was developed through a joint initiative of the Newfoundland and Labrador Heart Health Program (NLHHP) and the Newfoundland and Labrador Division of the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA). The goal of the project was: to enhance community based action around the prevention of Type 2 diabetes through the development of a strategy that promotes the achievement of healthy living and the creation of health enhancing policies and environments.  The Strategic Plan focuses on key elements of health promotion including: increased awareness, resource development, skills enhancement and advocacy. The ultimate target population for the strategy will be the general population.
  2. Diabetes Primary Prevention Project (DPPP)
    The Diabetes Primary Prevention Project (DPPP) was developed by the Association of State and Territorial Chronic Disease Program Directors (CDD), in conjunction with the Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT), CDC, to develop effective approaches to prepare state health departments to address the prevention of diabetes. The components of the framework described on this site include: leadership, epidemiology and surveillance, partnerships, state plans, targeted interventions in various settings, evaluation, and program management and administration. Twenty-eight recommendations are addressed in the paper.
  3. Diabetes: A National Plan for Action
    The document provides up-to-date and accurate prevention, detection and treatment information, and includes simple action steps for individuals, families, health practitioners, policy-makers, government officials, employers, others in the medical community and members of the media to address this growing public health problem. It also provides screening tools, information on other federal diabetes programs, and listings of federally funded resources.
  4. Making Systems Change for Better Diabetes Care
    Better Diabetes Care is an easy-to-use comprehensive resource to help providers, educators, policy makers, planners and purchasers make important changes in systems of care for people with diabetes. The site has models of systems change, examples of best practices and links to many resources and references that cans assist in the design and implementation of outstanding systems for diabetes care delivery.
  5. Partnership for Prevention
    Partnership for Prevention is a national membership organization dedicated to building evidence of sound disease prevention and health promotion policies and practices and advocating their adoption by public and private sectors.  The website offers a detailed section of policy recommendations, implementation tools, and priorities for healthcare.   
  6. The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (George Washington University School of Public Health & Health Sciences)
    This website provides information on childhood obesity and school nutrition & physical activity, including links to reports, academic articles, policies and legislation, prevention strategies, and government documents. It also contains a selected bibliography of journal articles and other publications on childhood obesity, as well as fact sheets, and a parents’ resource center with resources to encourage parental involvement in school nutrition. The website also offers new alerts and grant alerts, and is adding a section which summarizes model school programs and evaluated interventions.

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