Evidence on Environment & Policy

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From diabetes interventions reviewed by the Community Guide, the report does not yet summarize evidence for environment and policy initiatives. Evidence for Campaigns & Promotions for Physical Activity and Nutrition are located on the Intervention MICA website.

Research- and practice-based evidence from this and other types of environment and policy initiatives have been reviewed and summarized in the table below. For more information on the evidence review process, go to the Research- and Practice-based Evidence section.

The following signs are used to rate the evidence for performance of the environment and policy initiatives  on several indicators (behavior change; changes in knowledge, environments, policies or other intermediate factors; settings; populations; resources required; availability of tools and resources; and other challenges):

  performs well Evidence suggests that this intervention strategy performs well on this indicator.
  does not perform wellEvidence suggests that this intervention strategy does not perform well on this indicator.
  insufficient evidenceBased on this indicator, there is insufficient evidence to recommend this intervention strategy.

Behavior Change

Changes in Intermediate Factors



Resources required

Availability of tools and resources

Challenges to implementation and maintenance

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