Prioritizing the Needs of Your Community

An additional step in completing the needs assessment is to work with your partners to identify the health issues of greatest importance to your community. An example process for working with your partners to set priorities is described in the Partnership Vision and Mission section.

priority populationsA useful tool for identifying priorities among a variety of health conditions and risk factors is Priorities MICA on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services web site. The interactive tool allows you to rank the importance of several criteria such as community support for change and presence of racial disparities. An additional criterion is amenability for change, which is determined by the presence of evidence-based interventions that have demonstrated effectiveness in impacting the health condition or risk factor.  The criteria combined with factors such as death and hospitalization rates, prevalence of diseases or risk behaviors, and preventive practices are then used to generate a ranking of the diseases or risk factors.

Diseases and risk factors utilized in the Priorities MICA that are Intervention MICA topics are: Physical activity (no exercise), smoking, diabetes, heart disease, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, stroke, asthma, falls, vaccine-preventable diseases, and colorectal cancer.

An important aspect of prioritizing health issues is to consider the social determinants of health.

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