Procedures for Requesting Videos

Due to the high demand of our audio-visuals to all Missouri residents and the high cost to replace them, we will not allow more than five videos to be check out during any one period of time. All videos must be returned before your next reservation will be shipped to you.

Submit requests for audio-visual resources at least ten business days, prior to the date of your showing. We will accept reservations up to, but not more than, three months in advance. Video resources are sent by UPS (United Parcel Service) six days prior to your scheduled showing.
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Videos may be borrowed by Missouri Residents. We will not loan material outside the state of Missouri.

Mail your request to Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Audio-Visual Unit, PO Box 570, Jefferson City MO 65102-0570, or fax a copy of your request to (573) 751-1574.

  1. Some videos have similar titles. Please include the complete title of the requested video and the six-digit title number located in the upper right corner of each video description. This will ensure that you receive the correct one. You may also access our catalog on the web.
  2. Be sure to enter the date(s) you plan to show the video (for example 12/1/02 - 12/10/02) and an alternate date in case the video is not available at that time.
  3. Include your name, your organization, the street address (for UPS delivery use), PO Box, City, State, Zip, and phone number.

It is the borrower's responsibility to return all materials promptly including teacher's guides and handouts, as well as to pay for any lost or damaged resources due to negligence or mailing error.

All resources are inspected before they are sent out. If you receive damaged material please contact our office as soon as possible so that appropriate action is taken.

  1. Each audio-visual should be adequately packaged for return to avoid damage during shipping.
  2. Do not write on or label audio-visual boxes that you received wrapped in brown paper. These boxes are used to store the videos and must be kept in good condition. When returning them, you should rewrap the boxes in brown paper, then label appropriately.
  3. Audio-visuals must be returned by UPS, Insured Mail, or hand delivery. Return immediately after your last scheduled showing to ensure the resources will be available to the next scheduled user. We recommend insuring the returning parcel for $300 and advise against the use of Book Rate or Fourth-Class postal rates.

We reserve the right to suspend borrowing privileges for chronic disregard of the procedures listed above. If you have any questions you may contact our office at (573) 751-6048.