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  Module VI
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Interviewing 101 - Module VI


  • Interviewing people to elicit information is a key skill for any field epidemiologist.
  • When investigating a disease case or outbreak, we must help people “open up” and give us accurate information.
  • Success in disease control often depends on the ability to develop trust and rapport, and to aid people in recalling what has happened.

Because interviewing is a skill that requires practice, this module will present only the “basics.” You will have the opportunity to practice during the Workshop portion of this course.

Objectives: Module VI is designed to prepare public health workers to meet the following objectives:

  • Define the purpose and goals of epidemiologic interviewing
  • Describe methods used to assure confidentiality
  • Identify the three components of effective communication
  • Describe several techniques for maintaining objectivity and eliciting accurate information