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Welcome to Principles of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Please do the following steps before beginning:

  1. Close Your Favorites. This will allow you to see the web pages of the course easily without having to scroll.
  2. At the top of your web page go to View, then Encoding, then Western European (ISO)
  3. Click on the Start button at the bottom of your computer then click on Control Panel, then Display, then Settings then set your screen resolution to 1024 X 768.

Tips for proceeding through the modules:

  1. Due to differences in internet connectivity, you may be better off taking this online course at the office instead of at home. If you do wish to work on this course at home DSL and Cable connections work well, however if you have a dial up connection the performance of the course will be very slow due to the number of photos and video.
  2. To complete each module you will need a passing score of 80%.
  3. Student outlines are at the end of each module, listed as "Outlines", on the left bar area of your web page below the quiz. Print this outline and review it before the quiz, as you will find it helpful in answering the questions.
  4. You will notice that the Next button at the top of the page disappears on some of the lesson's pages. That is because there is a training piece on that web page that you must go all the way through before it will take you to the next page in the module. This button will appear when you have finished the module.

  5. The following individuals are contacts who can field specific questions you may have regarding the epidemiology content of the course:

    Central District:
    Drew Pratt (573) 441-6242 Drew.Pratt@health.mo.gov
    Kate Henschel (573) 441-6235 Kathleen.Henschel@health.mo.gov

    Eastern District:
    Cindy Butler 314-877-2857 Cindy.Butler@health.mo.gov
    Lina Chavez-Hauser 318-877-0237 Lina.ChavezHauser@health.mo.gov
    Crystal Talley 314-877-2832 Crystal.Talley@health.mo.gov

    Northwest District:
    C. Jon Hinkle 816-632-7276 Cjon.Hinkle@health.mo.gov
    Pat Franklin 816-350-5442 Patrick.Franklin@health.mo.gov

    Southeast District:
    Autumn Grim 573-290-5783 Autumn.Grim@health.mo.gov

    Southwest District:
    John Bos 417-895-6945 John.Bos@health.mo.gov
    Doug Baker 417-895-6918 Douglas.Baker@health.mo.gov

  6. Questions or problems with the online course should be directed to Diana Winder at Diana.Winder@health.mo.gov or (573) 526-5832.

Click here: http://health.mo.gov/training/epi/ to begin the course