Barb Ittner, President (President Pro-Tem, Senate)

Jack DeSelms, 1st Vice President (Speaker of the House)        

Ron Clark, 2nd Vice President (Speaker Pro-Tem of the House)                     

Shirley Ross, Secretary (Care Connection Chair)

Peggy Wilson, Treasurer (St. Louis Chair)

Walt Bittle (Immediate Past President)

Bruce Yampolsky (Senate Minority Leader)      

Glenda Hoffmeister (House Majority Leader)

Larry Pursley (House Minority Leader)

Kay Wood (Central Missouri Chair)

Martina Bowden (MARC Chair)   

Robert E. (Bob) Snyder (Mid-East Chair)

Mary Lou Brennan (Northeast Acting Chair)

John Murphy (Northwest Chair) 

Norma Scott (Region X Chair)      

Barbara Rogers (Aging Matters Chair)

Dorothy Knowles (Senior Age Chair)  


(Revised October 2017)