Best Practices

Seniors ExercisingFalls are preventable. Older adults can use this risk assessment
form to learn what to do to stay active, independent and falls-free.  We urge older adults to share the form with their doctor or pharmacist.

Pharmacists, physicians and other health care providers can check the Beers List to see which medications could increase a senior’s chances of falling and being injured.

Keep Track of Your Medicines with this form, and then print a copy to keep with you at all times. Share the list with your doctors, pharmacists, or other health professionals at all visits.

Senior DrugsExercise is one of the most important ways to decrease your chances of falling.  Strength training and Tai Chi are especially helpful. You can also decrease your risk by making your home safer
 and having your vision checked.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a guide that explains just about everything you ever wanted to know about falls prevention.