Account Maintenance/System Settings

Xerox Provider Outreach Representatives are responsible for assigning unique usernames and passwords to the appropriately identified HCBS provider staff. Usernames and passwords shall never be shared. Users can manage their passwords on the 'My Account' tab within CyberAccesssm.  When creating a new password, it must include a minimum of 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number and 1 symbol.

When a user has forgotten their password, they must select 'Forgot Password' on the log in screen after entering the username. Unless the user has changed their security question, the following question will display:
'What is your favorite vacation destination?' Enter 'Hawaii.' Select 'Submit.' The user will receive a new password via the e-mail address associated with their CyberAccesssm account.

Providers should contact their Xerox Provider Outreach Representative for all issues related to user account maintenance including enrollment, access, password issues and adding or deleting user accounts. It is the provider’s responsibility to contact their Xerox Provider Outreach Representative when a user no longer needs access to the HCBS Web Tool, i.e. employee termination/resignation.

Conduent Provider Outreach Representatives


pop-up blockerPop-up Blocker

The HCBS Web Tool opens in a new window. Ensure Pop-up Blocker is turned off to allow HCBS selection. User can either:

Compatibility View SettingsCompatibility View Settings

Trusted Sites

Ensure that is a ‘Trusted site.’
Select the following from the tools menu of your internet browser:

  1. Internet Options;
  2. Security tab;
  3. Trusted sites;
  4. Sites; should display in the ‘Add this website to the zone.’
  5. Add;
  6. Close;
  7. OK.

Printing Documents from the Web Tool

Adobe Reader software is required to enable printing.

System Requirements can be located at the bottom of the CyberAccesssm log-in screen