Radiation Control

Radiology - X-Ray

All regulated radiation machines are required to be registered with Missouri Radiation Control Program (MRCP) upon installation and every two years thereafter. Radiation safety inspections are conducted at various periods depending on facility and imaging modality type, ranging from one to six years. Inspections are conducted either by DHSS staff or DHSS-approved Qualified Experts in radiation safety. For a comprehensive listing of Qualified Experts, click here. For a shorter list of most active Qualified Experts, click here.

Note: Please review this detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Qualified Expert survey process.

To apply for recognition and approval as a Qualified Expert in radiation safety, click here.

For a copy of the QE Survey Summary Form that must be submitted to MRCP for all required radiation safety surveys after January 1, 2014, click here.

Note: If your facility owns or uses radioactive materials, as of 10/1/08, those materials or sources are regulated ONLY by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and no longer by the MRCP. Click here for the notice and NRC contact

Regulated Facilities:


Hospitals 138
Medical Clinics (MD, DO) 1049
Chiropractors 611
Dentists 2116
Podiatrists 129
Schools 24
Misc. (prisons, etc) 63
Veterinary Clinics 506
Non-medical/Industrial 282

Regulated Uses of Radiation

Routine radiology
Dental X-ray
Linear Accelerators used in radiation therapy
Bone Density testing
Non-medical Industrial uses of radiation in a variety of applications (non-destructive testing, mineral analysis, electron microscopes, security, QC, etc)

You can contact us at mrcp@health.mo.gov