Bureau Talk 2013

October 2013

Attachment A - Hospice 101

Attachment A-1 Coordinated Task Plan
Attachment A-2 Hospice Interpretive Guidelines
Attachment A-3 Hospice State Regulations
Attachment A-4 Quality Assurance Graph
Attachment A-5 The Do's of Documentation
Attachment A-6 Wound Care
Attachment A-7 Documentation Tips

Attachment B - Bereavement

August 2013

May 2013

Attachment A - ICD-10 FAQ's and Update
Attachment B - Condition of Participation: Patient Rights (484.10)
Attachment C - Revisions to Appendix E (OPT Providers)

January 2013

Attachment A - Home Health Agency Abbreviated Survey Protocol
Attachment B - Therapy Goal Templates
Attachment C - Medicare Learning Network
Attachment D - Hospice 101 Presentation by Surveyors