Check the EDL Using the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

First-time Users Instructions

Note: User IDs and PIN/PASSWORDS must not be shared among staff. Each individual must have his or her own unique USER ID and PIN.

A Touch Tone Phone is Required to Use the EDL-IVR System

To Establish a Connection to the EDL IVR System

  1. Dial (573) 522-6510 to start the EDL IVR System
  2. Press 1
  3. Always Press 3 to verify 5 of fewer applicants at one sitting
  4. Call the EDL Unit at (573) 522-1119 for questions.

To Gain Access to the Secure System

  1. Enter the nine digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)
    1. Press 1 if the SSN is correct;
    2. If an invalid SSN is entered, two (2) additional opportunities will be offered to enter the correct SSN before the system disconnects the caller.

To Verify an Applicant’s Status on the EDL

  1. Enter the Social Security Number (SSN) of the individual to be checked
    1. If the SSN is correct Press 1, if incorrect press 2.
  2. A Confirmation Number will be given for each SSN checked, please write down the confirmation number as proof of your call
    1. Press 1 to hear the confirmation number again.
    2. Press 2 to verify additional applicants.

If you experience any difficulty using the EDL-IVR system, contact us at (573) 522-1119.

Check EDL by web site.