Clock Hour Training Review

Caregivers in licensed child care facilities are required to receive 12 clock hours of DHSS approved training each year. Child Care Facility Specialists (CCFS) review training records annually to ensure compliance. When reviewing clock hour records, CCFS accept clock hours that are:

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The Missouri Workshop Calendar (MWC) can be accessed at As it is a child care provider’s responsibility to identify that training is approved, child care programs can prepare in advance for the CCFS clock hour review by ensuring that training documentation meets one of the above requirements.
CCFS must be able to identify training has been approved by viewing training documentation. Child care providers should contact the trainer or email to determine if a training session is approved if it does not meet one of the approval types above. Until a determination can be made, a child care facility will be in noncompliance of 19 CSR 30-62.102 (3) or 19 CSR 30-61.105 (4) if a staff member does not have the minimum number of required approved clock hours. If it is determined that the training in question was approved prior to the inspection date, the inspection will be amended to remove the violation. If the training is approved after the inspection date, the CCFS will accept the new documentation as a correction of the violation. Child care providers are responsible for submitting documentation of approval for the training in question or additional training hours to the CCFS to correct the violation.

If completed training does not meet one of the above requirements the trainer may apply for approval retroactively. Information about submitting a training application for approval can be found on the DHSS Section for Child Care Regulation website at

An electronic training attendance record is established when a training participant provides his/her Missouri Professional Development (MOPD) ID at a training that has been approved by DHSS through the Missouri Workshop Calendar. The trainer is required to enter MOPD IDs collected from training participants on the MWC after the training has been completed. Training records can then be printed and provided to the CCFS during clock hour training record review. From the Toolbox, at, directors, owners, family home providers, training coordinators or others may set up their DVN’s information in order to print a single report containing electronic staff training records. An instruction sheet is available to assist directors, owners, family home providers, and administrators in setting up a DVN’s training report with staff MOPD IDs. Questions about setting up a DVN’s training report or printing an individual’s training report should be directed to OPEN at 1-877-782-0185 or

Individuals may obtain or look up their MOPD ID instantly at or by contacting OPEN at 1-877-782-0185 or

Missouri’s Department of Social Services has designated the University of Missouri’s Opportunities in a Professional Education Network (OPEN) to maintain a registry for early childhood and youth development professionals. Membership in the Missouri Professional Development Registry for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals is optional; only a MOPD ID is needed for providers wishing to establish electronic training records.

Additional Clock Hour Information:

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Missouri Workshop Calendar

Child care providers can locate DHSS approved training on the Missouri Workshop Calendar (MWC). The MWC provides tabs for:

The MWC has a search feature that allows a search of scheduled training by distance from zip code or city, core competency, trainer, and other categories.

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Training Evaluations

DHSS depends on feedback from training participants to evaluate the effectiveness of training that has been approved. Trainers are asked to provide an opportunity for participants to submit an evaluation at the end of each training session. This feedback will enable the trainer to make changes, when necessary, to the content and delivery style of the training material. If you have a concern about a training session you have attended, send an email to

In your email, include as much of the following information as possible:

Your name will be kept confidential, but general comments may be shared with the trainer. You will receive a response acknowledging DHSS’s receipt of your email.

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Training Approval Process

Training approval information can be found at Prior to attending training, please ensure that the trainer has completed this process or is providing training approved by another of the accepted methods listed in the Clock Hour Training Review section above.

Clock hour training questions should be directed to

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