Provider Information

Do I need to be licensed?

If you care for more than four children not *related to you, the state requires that you be licensed.

Types of Child Care Facilities in Missouri

How do I get licensed?

There are four steps to the licensing process:

Step 1 - If you are interested in operating a child care facility, contact us to obtain more information about licensed child care and schedule to attend the inquiry meeting in your area.

Step 2 - You must complete an application on the forms provided by us. There is no charge for the application or the license. A license is issued for up to two years.

Step 3 - You must send your completed application to the Section for Child Care Regulation (see map). Three different types of inspections are required. An initial inspection of the entire premises is made by us to determine compliance with rules. A fire safety inspection conducted by personnel from the Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety and a sanitation inspection conducted by the Bureau of Environmental Health Services personnel are also necessary.

Step 4 - Once you have met the requirements for licensure, your child care license will be mailed to you. The license will indicate the effective dates of the license, the number of children you are licensed to care for, and any limitations. Unless otherwise stated, this license is valid for two years. While your facility is licensed, our staff will inspect your facility at least twice a year. More frequent inspections will be made if a complaint has been received or if there are compliance concerns. Your facility will also receive annual fire safety and sanitation inspections.

How to apply for a license

To apply for a family child care home license you will need to submit the following:

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To apply for a license to operate a group child care home or a child care center you will need to submit the following:

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In addition, the following must be on file at the child care facility and available for review prior to the issuance of a license:

Health Consultation

Healthy Child Care Missouri is a collaborative project between the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Local Public Health Agencies throughout Missouri to provide child care health consultation services to child care providers. It is supported in part by special grants from the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services, Child Care and Maternal and Child Health Bureaus.

Why does the program exist?

Who can receive Child Care Nurse Consultation Program Services?

What services are offered?

Topics may include:


What does it cost?

Local Health Departments provide most child care consultation, training, and education resources at no cost.

For more information:
Contact your Local Public Health Agency to request additional information from the Child Care Health Consultant. If you have questions about the availability of a Health Consultant in your area, contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Center for Local Public Health Services at:

Environmental Health (Sanitation)

Child Care

See articles below for the link to Sanitation Inspection Guidelines for Family Child Care Homes and for the Sanitation Inspection Guidelines for Group Child Care Homes, Child Care Centers and License-Exempt Child Care Facilities.

Training Information

Training and Professional Development are essential components of child care licensing. The goal of training is to provide child care personnel with the tools necessary to help ensure quality care for children. The Section for Child Care Regulation mandates a minimum of 12 clock hours of training annually.

Child care providers may access listings and schedules for approved training on the Missouri Workshop Calendar. This calendar features tabs that direct providers to face-to-face and online training as well as conferences that have been approved for clock hours.

The Section for Child Care Regulation accepts electronic training records that are produced by the OPEN Initiative. When attending clock hour training, child care staff should provide their Missouri Professional Development ID (MOPD ID) to the trainer. The MOPD ID is your six digit workforce identification number that can be generated instantly by clicking here. Use your MOPD ID to register for and sign in at clock hour training sessions. This is necessary to create the electronic training record that Child Care Facility Specialists will use to monitor annual training compliance.

If you have questions about using the Missouri Workshop Calendar or for assistance in obtaining your MOPD ID please call the Section for Child Care Regulation at 573-751-2450 or send an email to