Laws, Regulations & Guidelines

During the 2015 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly passed Senate Bill 341 (SB341). This legislation became effective August 28, 2015. This legislation specifies safe sleep requirements for licensed child care facilities.  

Below you will find the safe sleep emergency rules.  Click the PDF link to access the emergency rule. View the proposed safe sleep rules. We hope you find this information helpful.


Emergency Rules

Licensed Family Child Care Homes

19 CSR 30-61.085 Physical Requirements of the Family Day Care Home

19 CSR 30-61.095 Furniture, Equipment and Materials

19 CSR 30-61.105 The Day Care Provider and Other Day Care Personnel

19 CSR 30-61.135 Admission Policies and Procedures

19 CSR 30-61.175 Child Care Program

Licensed Group Child Care Homes and Child Care Centers

19 CSR 30-62.082 Physical Requirements of Group Day Care Homes and Day Care Centers

19 CSR 30-62.092 Furniture, Equipment and Materials

19 CSR 30-62.102 Personnel

19 CSR 30-62.132 Admission Policies and Procedures

19 CSR 30-62.182 Child Care Program





Certain child care facilities are not required to obtain a child care license from the Department of Health and Senior Services. Additionally, programs that are exempt do not fall under our full regulatory authority. To document the exemption, these programs may file a Program Evaluation Questionnaire (DC-20) with the Department in order to obtain an exemption assessment. The exemption process is reviewed in our central office.

Exemptions are set forth in Missouri Statute, 210.211, RSMo. Any person who is caring for four or fewer *unrelated children is not required to be licensed and does not have to contact us to report he/she is providing child care.

Other programs such as nursery schools and programs operated under the exclusive control of a religious organization are license-exempt. Programs such as these, under the exemptions stated in 210.211 RSMo, should file a Program Evaluation Questionnaire (DC-20) provided to the Department so an exemption assessment can be made.