Worksite Challenges, Displays & Posters

Listed below are a variety of health behaviors that can be used to create worksite challenges. Use these ideas, improve upon them, or create your own to encourage employees to improve their health. The key is to have fun and help people live happier, healthier, and more energetic lives. Challenges can be created using a point system, a daily participation or a combination of things.

Super Tracker

SuperTracker - Anyone can create a group and invite others to join. Group members use SuperTracker’s great features to track their foods and/or physical activities and can opt to share this information with their group leader.

Overall Physical Condition Target Behaviors

Exercise & Fitness Target Behaviors

Nutrition Target Behaviors

Emotional / Personal Growth / Capacity for Change

Health Risk

Game Challenges

Games are fun (and entertaining) activities that encourage movement, flexibility, and stress reduction. When planning such an activity consider setting up “challenge” stations with various activities.

Ideas for activities include hula hoop contests, Nerf basketball free throws, Nerf football tosses, Frisbee “golf”, jump rope, etc.

  1. The Wellness Team lays out the course.
  2. Begin participants at different stations to alleviate congestion but expect high difficulty stations to be backed up. This delay can add to the fun and creates a “keystone cops” scenario.
  3. Each participant gets a “gold” medal (you can buy these at party stores and toy stores inexpensively) for completing all of the stations (no matter how badly they perform).

Mile Challenges

Sponsor an individual challenge activity such as “Climb a Mountain” or “Swim a Sea.” This is an honor system program in which participating employees are awarded minutes, steps, or miles credit for cardiovascular activity (swimming, walking, running, skiing, biking, stair stepping, group fitness, etc.).

The object of this type of challenge is to accumulate the equivalent mileage it would take to reach the top of a famous mountain, span a body of water (swim the Missouri River), or reach a distant city/county.