Current Missouri Youth Smoking Rates - Graph

What Is Wrong With This Picture? Fact Sheet

Missouri's Clean Indoor Air Law

Recommendations for Action: Cessation Plan Component

Health Risks of Smoking from A-V

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The Health and Economic Burden of Smoking in Missouri, 2000-2004 (May/June 2007) Reprinted with permission from Missouri Medicine 2007 May/June; 104 (3) pgs 265-269, Copyright 2007. Missouri State Medical Association.

The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke - A Report of the Surgeon General

When your child is sick, you worry booklet

Talk to your child's doctor about quitting (boy poster)

Talk to your child's doctor about quitting (girl poster)

Local Public Health Departments and family health care professionals may order quantities of the these publications to encourage clients to quit smoking by clicking here.

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Missouri's Comprehensive Tobacco Use Prevention Program Strategic Plan 2003-2009

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