Katy Trail Challenge

(formerly Extreme Health Challenge)

Katy Trail Challenge imageThe Katy Trail Challenge is a fitness activity for youth that includes a physical activity component and a fruit and vegetable component. The challenge also incorporates lessons that highlight locations along Missouri’s Katy Trail State Park. This toolkit was designed for use in elementary schools, but can be used by other youth groups such as Scouts, 4-H, etc. This toolkit gives general instructions, but you may modify to meet the needs of your group.

Call the Team Nutrition Project Director at 573-522-2820 regarding availability of posters and pedometers for the challenge.

Incentives for groups in Missouri are available while supplies last.
Registration for Incentives

Download Instructions and Materials

  1. Overview
  2. Physical Activity Challenge
  3. Fruit & Vegetable Challenge
  4. kids
  5. Katy Trail History Curriculum
  6. Fruit & Vegetable Challenge Chart
  7. Group Activity Record

Optional Resources:

  1. How to Use Pedometer
  2. Calculating Stride Length
  3. Converting Steps to Miles

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