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Missouri Team Nutrition is now accepting applications for Rainbow Days Salad Bar Promotional Events for the 2014-2015 school year!

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How we did in school year 2013 - 2014

Rainbow Days Events 2013-2014 - Testimonials/Comments

"The event was a huge success with increased participation across the board. Students were filling up their plates to create their rainbows."
– Colleen Johnston, Raymore-Peculiar School District

"Loved the Kale Chips – very popular."
– Peggy Thatler, Avery Elementary, Webster Grove

"Fruit cup most popular – pineapple, blueberry, raspberry."
– Meagan Gigger, Hudson Elementary, Webster Grove

"Jicama was served days later and the children could ID it."
– S. Plunkett, Edger Road, Webster Grove

"The students were very excited about the rainbow salad bar. They wanted to know if we can do this every week! We are going to expand our current salad bar selections to include some of the students' favorites."
– Dena French, Valley Park Elementary, Valley Park School District.

"Our students have eaten well from our vegetable bar for the last few years. This event strengthened our commitment to our students, parents and staff."
– Colleen Johnston, Eagle Glen, Raymore Peculiar.

"Our district has introduced a variety of fruits and vegetables into our salad bars including those purchased locally for about 5 years now. Our older students are cleaning us out on a consistent basis!"
– Colleen Johnston, Raymore Peculiar SD.

"Our school chef made this day into a 'special event'. He made flyers and students were anticipating the day. This was a fruit and vegetable party day at our school! We will implement it once every quarter – high interest! Thank you very much!"
– Mikia Pollard, Blossom Wood Day School, Hazelwood.

"The students and staff were very excited about this opportunity. We use cabbage leaves as bowls for building their fruits and veggies."
– Joyce Fisher, Frankford Elementary, Bowling Green R-1

"This was an awesome opportunity for the students. Great participation and feedback from students and staff. Would love to see event possible at Middle/High School level also! Thanks."
– Joyce Fisher, Bowling Green Elementary, Bowling Green R-I.

Blossom Wood School #1

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Bowling Green School #1

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Bowling Green School #3

Bowling Green School #4

Bowling Green School #5

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Clayton School #1

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Eagle Glen School

Union Chapel School #1

Union Chapel School #2

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  2. The LunchBox™ Healthy Tool Guide
  3. Rainbow Day Flyer (Customize)
  4. Rainbow Day Mini Poster (8” x 11 ½”)

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